CAD Schematics and Floorplans

Be more professional

Providing your clients with drawings shows them that you take the project seriously and that everyone in the process has a plan to work to. This is possibly the most important step in gaining the confidence of a potential client.

Increase your profit

If a potential client comes to you for a system they will expect you to spend hours putting together a design exclusively for them. Many CI companies find it hard to charge for this service as it’s often in someone’s head. Show your clients that your design skills are worth something by giving them hard copies of your design. If they can hold it in their hands you can charge for it and a good design is worth a great deal.

Increase your quality

It’s easy to lose track of where you are on a complex project. If you have a plan to work from you always have something to refer to. A hard copy plan of a job is especially useful if you need to go back months or years later.

If you already provide CAD layouts and schematics to your clients you will be well aware of the benefits of doing so. If this is the case I may be able to help out in your busier periods.

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