Crestron Programming

Easy to use control systems are crucial in any home entertainment system. Linley Design always strives to maintain a balance between usability, accessibility and pretty graphics in that order.


I have experience of the early generation of Crestron (Series 1 & 2) as well as series 3 which makes me an excellent choice when upgrading older systems.

I have successfully completed many contracts, both large and small and I have also tweaked and debugged many "problem" installations. One of my recent contrats involved programming a system with a total equipment value exceeding £500,000. Two contracts have won awards from CEDIA UK in 2010.

Nearly all of my projects have remote access, and as such most of my programming can be done from my office which minimises my travelling time and maximises my efficiency. One of my contracts I've never even been to!

I have attended many Crestron courses including their advanced programming course and their Simpl+ course for advanced programmers and I have successfully passed the Crestron Approved Independant Programmer (CAIP) examination. I can program in Simple and Simpl+ and am currently getting to grips with C# and HTML5 ready for the next generation of Crestron products.


I am able to create modules to control devices over IP, RS232, RS485 and html. 


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